Brianna Toussaint

Interior Design Student

About me

Brianna Toussaint has a powerful voice and can move others to listen to deeply relevant messages. Brianna Toussaint is that rare, extraordinary student who thinks deeply about her design work and its effect on others. She is incredibly hard-working, dedicated, and has unparalleled determination. She has already made her mark in her school's department, and her interior design community (spoke at the inaugural ASID NYC Metro DEI Summit along with seasoned professionals like Kia Weatherspoon), and nationally at Neocon as the recipient of the John J. Nelson Sr. Legacy Scholarship with an immensely moving speech.She has taken on leadership roles, as SVA's IIDA student representative, and has interned at a top firm, Deborah Berke Partners, to get experience while continuing to do excellent work in her courses. She was a design critic for SVA's Pre-College program performing like a seasoned critic with words of wisdom.

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